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The science of self-discovery


"The greatest gift is to be able to clearly see the basic matrix from which you operate. From that point on, you can begin the experimentation."

 - Ra Uru Hu


The Reading of Human Design By Nayla was really accurate and gave me a lot of insights into who I am, how I function, and how to become my best version. The way we then could go deeper into my shadow Parts By playing The C2C game was really an eyeopener. It was a fun way of exploring and finding answers. The combination of the C2C game with the Human Design Reading has helped me to achieve a profound insight into my personality. If you are looking for answers or want to dive in deep, Nayla Will guide you in a very soft way. It has been a wonderful Experience.



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The Living Your DesignRave ABC en Rave Cartography  programs are the components of the foundation courses. They give you an excellent grounding in Human Design and support you in living according to your design. They are essential for continuing education and certification courses.


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The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) is a professional course designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design guides/teachers.

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Bring emotional stability and clarity, deal with relationships and co-dependency, Understand and resolve self-worth issues, and more. After an overview reading, a Human Design Coaching session(s) can help you deal with specific issues and challenges in your life. Options include personal, relationship, and family sessions.

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Human Design

An analysis or ‘ reading’ gives a very concrete , practical and applicable understanding of the deeper layers of yourself and your relationship to yourself and to others around you. Readings range from overview- to relationship-, families-, and other advanced readings.



2010 – portrait Ra uru hu and Nayla Nasra

I (Nayla Nasra) am a Certified Human Design Analyst, Living Your Design Guide and a qualified Human Design Teacher, registered with the International Human Design School (IHDS) and the Jovian Archive Corporation. I followed the 3,5 years “Certified Human Design Analyst” studies and have been working as an analyst since February 2009. I have been a certified Human Design teacher and teacher trainer for well over ten years.


Before entering the field of human design, I studied engineering, and worked as a business consultant and information system analyst. In my work, the human factor was always the area that gave me the most satisfaction and motivated me to continue exploring.

In September 2004, I set myself up as an independent coach and therapist. In 2009 my partner and I founded the Institute of Human Design. Our aim was to represent Human Design in the Netherlands for Ra Uru Hu, and Jovian archive. Throughout the years, we organised many workshops, with many senior teachers including Ra himself. I coached clients and analysed their charts, and educated and certified students, analysts & Living Your Design guides.

After my partner's passing 2015 I took a break from human design my plan was not to stop for so long. But I followed my own body and authority and waited to be “called” again by HD. My whole being was aware that I had to go back to a zero point, a full reset.

In the time I was busy doing my inner work, life became much more challenging for individuals, families, and professionals. We are more than two years into the challenge of what we are told is our “new normal". We are overwhelmed with uncertainty about our work and home life, and increasing fears and anxiety about the world. The challenge of anchoring ourselves deeply in our own bodies, is increasingly difficult. Knowing who you are, following your own inner authority, and making the right choices, have more than ever become crucial to our survival.


I feel the time has come for me to serve, support, empower, guide, and help people achieve their full potential.

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