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Mid-Winter - XXL Living your Design Experience - Alokanand Diaz

XXL Living your Design Experience (11-12-13-14 February) The program will consist of 3 parts: · Days 1-2: Living your Design 2 days (impactful new delivery/program) · Day 3: Living your Design, in the context of sex and love · Day 4: Living your Design, in the context of relationships

Registration will be open 8th of December, 2022
Enquiries are welcome
Mid-Winter - XXL Living your Design Experience - Alokanand Diaz
Mid-Winter - XXL Living your Design Experience - Alokanand Diaz

Time & Location

11 feb 2023, 10:00 CET – 14 feb 2023, 17:00 CET

Reeuwijk, Verlengde Breevaart 3, 2811 LR Reeuwijk, Netherlands


About the event

See full description *

For whom: both starters and people who have been involved in Human Design for some time and/or have already followed a LYD, (also a good 'train the trainer' or refresher for LYD Guides)

When: Saturday 11 to Tuesday 14 February 2023

Max of 20 participants per workshop

Location: We have a spacious, and bright accommodation all to ourselves.


LYD-XXL: 1000 euro inc VAT*/BTW (Max 20 participants

Penta and Wa: 1000 euro inc VAT*/BTW (Max 20 participants)

Combo 2 workshops: LYD-XXL& Penta and Wa 1800 euro's inc VAT/BTW*

Residential: limited places through us, 60 euro single, 40 euro double room, inc breakfast. Otherwise booking directly available see Landal Reeuwijkse Plassen or hotel

Transport: we can facilitate pick up/carpooling from Gouda train Station station, or nearest airport Rotterdam/the Hague airport.

* Special fees: for the self-employed add 21% VAT/BTW. Supplemental fees for professionals, and corporate invoicing.

Nayla Nasra & Jacolien de Koning

you can contact us at:

Nayla Nasra: +31 (0)6 24731675

Jacolien de Koning: +31(0) 6 12023005


* In summer 2023 it will be 30 years that I have been living with this knowledge inside of me. I’ve seen it grow, and I’ve witnessed the many mutations it went through as it started spreading all over the world like a wildfire. More than anything, I watched the way in which it slowly, very slowly but in an unstoppable way, it mutated my consciousness and the core of the relationship I have to myself as the conscious passenger of my unique form.

Now, I was fortunate because when I met Ra Uru Hu and he introduced me to the Human Design System, the information that was out in the world was rather limited, which helped the minds of those involved like me not to get easily distracted by what does not matter. In hindsight, it seems clear to me that nowadays the more information about Human Design curious people put into their minds, the further away they move from actually living it our in their own daily lives; the only place where it could make a real difference for each of them.

So, observing this most common human phenomena, I asked myself how come that people DO NOT SEE the potential for transformation in the application of the simple mechanics involved in strategy and inner authority. My awareness says that it is because they don’t know when it actually matters the most, so I decided to create an XXL version of this course, in which I have added the two most experiential aspects of this amazing body of knowledge to give participants some practical references to look for in their daily lives that can help them recognise whether they are living in accordance to their individual design or not.

For this I have developed two compressed modules in which I introduce the mechanical foundation of human connectivity, one in which I present the general mechanics and chemistry of human sexuality, and another in which I present the general mechanics of human interaction at levels that transcend the sexual realm of intimate bonds.

You see, if you cannot be yourself while you are having sex with someone, then you will never be able to be yourself anywhere, and if you cannot represent and be yourself in every human interaction that you have, then when and where are you going to be yourself? Being oneself if NOT a mental abstraction or psychological bubble, but being oneself is about knowing how to share the flow of life with others without feeding resistance nor getting stuck in it.

It is my experience in the last few years since I have started introducing people to Human Design in this way, that I have seen more participants become driven by the determination to actually enter into the experimentation than ever before, instead of compensating for their lack of personal experimentation by acquiring new levels of detailed information that is not going to touch them at the core of their being. Nobody like me, who has been fully dedicated to expand the knowledge and make it accessible for others knows how fascinatingly interesting all the details are of everything that can be ‘explained’, but what is an explanation worth for something of which you have no personal experience yet?

Understanding through logic is a building that cannot be constructed in a hurry and without personal experimentation. One should be weary of penetrating too deep into the theory because that’s when one loses perspective over what is objectively happening and what is just imagination. I want to invite everyone interested in getting to the core of personal experimentation with just the necessary amount of basic theory to participate in this pioneering experiment to take the initiatory impact of ‘Living Your Design’ to its maximum expression.

During the seminar there will be time every day for interaction in which participants are welcomed to formulate their questions and I shall answer them with the chart of the participant of the screen, making sure that the information received from me is not purely theoretical but is filled up with their own human substance. @Alokanand Diaz

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