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Mid-Winter - Penta and Wa Experience - Alokanand Diaz


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Mid-Winter - Penta and Wa Experience - Alokanand Diaz
Mid-Winter - Penta and Wa Experience - Alokanand Diaz

Time & Location

16 feb 2023, 10:00 CET – 19 feb 2023, 17:00 CET

Reeuwijk, Verlengde Breevaart 3, 2811 LR Reeuwijk, Netherlands


About the event

See full description *

Theoretical background mornings, followed by experiential afternoons, with group exercises and special assignments. Learning about and experiencing with the group dynamics of Penta (5) and WA (OC16)

For whom: people with some experience in Human Design

When: Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 February 2023

Max of 20 participants per workshop. 


  • Penta and Wa: 1000 euro inc VAT*/BTW (Max 20 participants)
  • Combo 2 workshops: LYD-XXL& Penta and Wa 1800 euro's inc VAT/BTW*

Residential: limited places through us, 60 euro single, 40 euro double room, inc breakfast. Otherwise booking directly available see Landal Reeuwijkse Plassen or hotel

Transport: we can facilitate pick up/carpooling from Gouda train Station station, or nearest airport Rotterdam/the Hague airport.

* Special fees: for the self-employed add 21% VAT/BTW. Supplemental fees for professionals, and corporate invoicing.

Nayla Nasra & Jacolien de Koning

you can contact us at:

Nayla Nasra: +31 (0)6 24731675

Jacolien de Koning: +31(0) 6 12023005


*As humans, we are doomed to identify with knowledge as power, and that is why we have such a hard time accepting the existential principles of ‘no choice’, because it would prove that our previous strategic convictions were mostly pointless and vane.

We do not see the ‘mental labyrinth’ the contains the spectrum of the always limited choices that we seem to have at any given time, but our consciousness is simply captured by it the moment we meet with others in a group larger than 3 people.

In the beginning was the group, and only then could being human have any meaning. When we are alone by ourselves life is simply a mystery, comfortable or not. When we meet ‘one on one’ with another, the mystery simply gets interesting or not, because there is someone with whom you will need to define the truth of what you love and what you hate. One on one, Mystery has no problem with truth and love having more than just one way of being embodied and expressed.

However, the moment we interact as three or more human individuals, truth and love have to be something that unifies the consciousness of all parts involved, leading to truth becoming the foundation of all human dogmas and love becoming the disempowering drive to identify with one’s acquired sense of duty, no matter how unsatisfying it may feel. When truth is a dogma and love is a duty, the light inside every individual human spirit can only suffocate. Herein lies the deepest root of human suffering, and it is NOT anybody’s fault. It is simply the manifestation of the control mechanisms through which the evolutionary forces keep humankind in alignment with its evolutionary purpose, which is not what any of us believes it to be, because it is something that we cannot know and that we never had any control over.

You see, the explanation for why the immense majority of members of the smartest species ever born in evolution ends up behaving like dumb and blind creatures is nowhere else to be found than in what is known as ‘group dynamics’, and there’s no description about ‘group dynamics’ that comes close to the graphical way in which Human Design reveals them. Not only the way they operate, but what is a lot more important, the way in which they impact on our individual consciousness in the quality of our daily lives.

In Human Design there are two trans-auric ‘entities’ called ‘Penta’ and ‘WA’. The Penta is responsible to organize the life of the small group (3 to 5 members) and the WA does the same in relationship to the large group (9 or more people). Now, if everyone had a design like mine, in which there is no defined channel that is part of the Penta and WA structure, then no human group would have ever been organized in a functional way, and we would have never made it to the top of the food chain.

For good and for bad, the reality is that there is a large number of people who carry definition in the channels that determine the life of human groups, and because they are able to recognize the fertile potential of human collaboration, they also embody the power to organize a functional human group (large or small) around them that serves everyone’s strategic purpose (to secure survival). These are the people that become so essential to the survival of the group that they are naturally inclined to sacrifice their own individual purpose to that cause. Actually, they see it as a virtue, because in the very first group that we all become a part of, which is our family, the daily currency of love is called SACRIFICE. It’s where we learn that life is tough and difficult. It’s where we learn to bet it all on security.

Well, you all know how the rest of the movie goes… the world as a suffering nest, and religion and spiritual beliefs as our only consolation. We can all do a lot better than that, but you cannot buy it on Amazon and have it delivered to your door. It requires your deep involvement in examining the foundation of the relationship you have to yourself on a daily basis through the agency of your own mind.

It always boils down to the same thing. Who is the boss in your existence? This is a dilemma that you can never solve irreversibly if you are afraid of removing yourself completely from any sort of group thinking and use the mental dilemma of your type to be constantly returning upon the inner foundation of your own personal experience.

@Alokanand Diaz

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