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The Living Your Design Guide

(LYDG) is a professional course designed to educate, prepare, and certify Living Your Design guides/coaches/teachers. If you have a passion for guiding others and want to join the ranks as a certified Human Design professional, this course offers the perfect opportunity.


The Living Your Design Guide Training Methodology is a thorough but streamlined approach to teaching the basic elements of Human Design, such as type, strategy, authority and conditioning. This course will provide the LYD Guide with the necessary information and techniques needed to assist the newcomer to Human Design and provide him with a sound foundation so that he/she can begin his/her 7-year de-conditioning process.
This course extends to the LYD Guide the necessary steps he must guide the client through to explain and clarify why following the strategy and authority is so important and changes one's life. This course will also teach the LYD Guide how to support, help and guide the student to understand their own personal conditioning process, through examples, experiential techniques, discussions and experiences. Participants will gain the tools needed to take a broader view of the importance of strategy and authority in relation to the whole.
Additional resources provided to each participant include downloads of Ra Uru Hu's basic teaching of this method and a PowerPoint presentation and lesson plan that the Guide can use to teach this course to the newcomer.
Our courses are meticulously crafted to be both comprehensive and interactive, blending live and online formats with practical sessions and personalised coaching. This dynamic approach empowers our students to delve deeply into their own designs and talents. It equips them to confidently embark on their professional journeys within the world of Human Design.

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