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Certification Courses

The Living Your Design Guide (LYDG) program and Professional Analyst Training (Levels 1 and 2) form the cornerstone of our advanced certification courses. Building on the strong foundation established by our Living Your Design, Rave ABC, and Rave Cartography programs, these advanced courses deepen your understanding and enhance your ability to apply Human Design principles professionally. Designed for those who wish to extend their expertise and prepare for a career as certified Human Design professionals, these courses offer rigorous training that equips you with the necessary skills to excel in guiding others. All courses and instructors are certified by the IHDS, ensuring high-quality, accredited education that aligns with global standards.

Certification Courses


Living Your Design Guide

This training equips students with the tools to teach the fundamental principles of Human Design, both individually and in groups, making it an ideal addition for anyone working with clients. It prepares the future Guides to help participants navigate their de-conditioning process and follow their strategy and authority. The course enhances understanding through practical exercises, discussions, real-life examples, and essential teaching materials.


Professional Analyst 1 & 2 

The Professional Analyst Training encompasses four levels, culminating with a final exam.

We offer PTL1 and PTL2, with PTL1 focused on developing analytical skills, while the PTL2 deepens your skills with Connection and Cycles readings. Levels 3 and 4 are taught by IHDS-certified teachers, ensuring a comprehensive education that prepares participants for professional practice and certification.

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