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Rave ABC

This course provides a thorough introduction to the building blocks of Human Design and the Bodygraph. Such as about Conscious and Unconscious, circuits, channels, and the I Ching Lines. This knowledge forms a solid foundation for anyone interested in Human Design.


Course content :

The mystical and scientific origins of Human Design, with topics such as Neutrinos, Consciousness Crystals, Magnetic Monopole, Astrology, Genetics, Chakras and the Kabbalah.

An in-depth exploration of the Red and the Black or the Unconscious and the Conscious, Personality and Design, Rave Calculation and the mechanics of how these combine to create design.

Understanding the circuits and their keynotes, these cover the Individual, the Collective and the Tribal Groups, with the practice of keynoting.

The Hexagram structure and understanding the line values, upper and lower Trigram and how to bring all this together and synthesise a chart with keynoting.


Human Design reading and Living Your Design Course
Purchase of the ABC Student Manual, MMI programme Student Edition.
An official Human Design Analysis by an IHDS certified Analyst (Required)
Living Your Design Course
Purchase of the ABC Student Manual,
MMI Programme Student Edition

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