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Living Your Design

Whether you are primarily interested in your own development, or work as a professional coach or therapist, this workshop will give you clear insight into your own being. You will increasingly be able to shape your life in a joyful and fulfilling way.


Course Content

Introduction to the Human Design system, the conscious and unconscious (red & black),

Construction of a 'bodygraph' (chart or birth chart),

Your conditioning of thinking and doing,

Overview of the centres (Head, Ajna, Throat, Ego, Spleen, G-centre, Sacral, Solar Plexus)

Inner Authority and Definition

The 4 types: Projector, Manifestor, Reflector and Generator&Manifesting Generator

Examination of bodygraphs (family and friends).

After completing this workshop (classroom or online), it is possible to sign up for further training (Rave ABC) and/or join a more permanent study and support group to deepen the insights and experiences gained and learn to apply them in your own life. 

The Living Your Design Book (Dutch version available on our website)
An official Human Design Analysis by an IHDS certified Analyst (Advised)

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